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View Registration Options in detail at http://www.floridacwc.net/seecostsandregisterFor Double Occupancy, make sure you indicate your roommate preference and they indicate you. When registering to share a room with a Participating Spouse or Family Member, make sure you provide their information, also.

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You will re-enter your detailed information (adding the above options) when you return to pay your balance, which we recommend doing as soon as possible, but certainly on or before February 15, 2018 (subject to availability). Also, when you return to pay your balance, you will input 300 in the "Deposit Paid Previous" box below so the system will deduct it from your balance due.

If there is a variation in the registration information listed here and in your final payment information, we will, by default, use the most recent information.

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No refunds are given after January 31, 2018.

Speakers, faculty, and schedule subject to change without notice.


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